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Making a genuine sailor sweater is a long and comprehensive process. To produce the perfect sailor sweater, it is necessary to know how the various processes and materials influence each other. The numerous elements have to be attuned in order to obtain the perfect fit and function.

When we design a sailor sweater, we always consider the necessity of a new piece. Will it make a difference? Will it add purpose or meaning to our collection? If it will, the process begins.

The idea usually occurs from one or several vintage sailor sweaters we have found on our travels. We find inspiration in maritime clothing and uniforms, that carry a long history and have been used as workwear for generations.

Once our ideas have been interpreted, the technical and visual work starts. Drawings and measurements are sent to our knitter, and the technician produces the first sample. We then discuss all the details, test the shape and function, and give our knitter corrections. This process continues until the sailor sweater is perfect and ready for production. It is a long and thorough operation that can take up to a year from initial idea to the final product.



Influenced by Danish design tradition, ANDERSEN-ANDERSEN follows the same fundamental principles of craftsmanship, functionality and the simple aesthetics that emerge from impeccable quality.

Both Cathrine and Peter were brought up immersed in the cultural influence of mid-century Danish architects. The notion of combining both functionality and craftsmanship in a product live on in the garments ANDERSEN-ANDERSEN produce today.

Peter Kjaer-Andersen and Cathrine Lundgren-Andersen