Blurring aesthetic and national boundaries with peripatetic designer Paul

From a childhood spent in and out of his father’s wood workshop, to a multidisciplinary creative practice that crisscrosses the globe—designer Paul Loebach has always been interested in the materiality of objects; their weight, their function, and their ability to blur aesthetic boundaries.

“My design approach is rooted in a hands-on understanding”

But it wasn’t until a book on famed French-American designer Raymond Loewy made its way from a library shelf into his hands, that industrial design became a career possibility. For Paul, the way that Loewy’s iconic —sometimes eccentric—design oeuvre shifted seamlessly between graphic and industrial offered him a new creative possibility. So after graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, Paul decamped to New York City, settling in Brooklyn’s burgeoning Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Here, he began a design studio based around products, furniture, and lighting. For the past few years, he has shuttled between Brooklyn and Berlin, where he has opened a second studio in Mitte. His work delicately challenges and reflects his ongoing observations on how people interact with—and assign value to—objects.

This interview with Paul Loebach is published in collaboration with OTHR, the forward-thinking Design brand that utilizes the latest in 3D Printing technology to create unique objects. Follow along as we profile their international roster of designers here.