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Celebrating the Sailor! 

Our classic Sailor Turtleneck is ten years old.

It’s as close to our hearts as ever so we’re marking the occasion by telling the story behind the sweater.

The foundation of the collection, the Sailor Turtleneck might just be our most iconic design. And while we’ve tweaked the way it’s constructed, it’s still fundamentally the same beautifully simple unisex piece – hard-wearing, warm enough to withstand the coldest wind, and impossible to wear wrong.

The Sailor Turtleneck came about when co-founder, Peter Kjær-Andersen, discovered a beaten-up old sailor sweater in a vintage store. It was symmetrical, so sailors waking on a storm-tossed night could dress in the dark without worrying if they’d put it on backwards. We recreated the design, modifying only to minimise pilling and increase durability. 

Over the years, we’ve refined the sweater to make it even more hard-wearing.  An extra thread made the sweater more compact and the addition of our triangle shape by the neckline meant we were able to create a rounded collar while keeping the symmetrical shape.

We set out to knit sweaters that last a lifetime, so to still see customers wearing their Sailor Turtlenecks a decade on tells us we’re on the right path. Here’s to the next ten years.

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