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Worn Sweater Story

People wear their Andersen-Andersen sweaters for a long time... they're designed to last a lifetime after all. But as the months and the years pass, their connection with their sweater becomes something more – it becomes a story. Here is Nanna and Rebekka's


“Rebekka used to get sad that I get cold easily, and didn't want to sit outside and eat or drink as soon as the temperature fell below 20 degrees. My Sailor sweater changed that. It meant I could finally keep warm, even on those so-called ‘summer’ evenings here in Denmark where it can get so cold you can see your breath. Now it’s Rebekka who asks if we shouldn’t sit inside!


“Of course I didn’t want to be the one dragging us indoors so I jumped on the sweater wagon not long after Nanna. But while Nanna wears hers all year round, both inside and out, I mostly pull on my sailor sweater on those cold summer evenings or late autumn walks.”

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