Care & Washing

Andersen-Andersen garments are made to last. We use only high quality, natural fibres in our production in order to utilise their beneficial properties. Both wool and cotton have inherent temperature regulating characteristics that help keep the body temperature moderate in varied weather conditions.

Please take a moment to go through these simple care instructions to enjoy the most from your garment.

Before you wash your garment (wool in particular), consider airing it outside instead. A good airing on a hanger can refresh your sweater and neutralise odours.

Small stains can often be removed using a cloth and some cold water.

If a complete wash is the only solution, please note all garments can be machine washed using a low-agitation wool program (for wool garments), inside out at 30 degrees celsius. Please do not use warmer water as it can affect the texture and cause shrinkage. Use a suitable mild laundry detergent, and if washing wool, please use a wool specific soap.

To dry your garment, use a clean towel to gently ‘hug’ out excess water, then dry laying flat at room temperature.

Following these instructions can help maximise the life of your Andersen-Andersen garment for many years to come.

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