Our story

Knitted to last a lifetime. 

A chance find in a vintage shop sparked the moment of inspiration that led to us setting out to make the world’s best sailor sweater. But the passion to see it through was a lifetime in the making.

The story of our company

My husband Peter Kjær-Andersen and I had often talked about starting a business together. We’d run our own companies in the past, and we shared a deep passion for the Danish design tradition of making beautiful, durable things at prices people could afford. We were especially obsessed with functional objects; objects created with skills often lost to time as society became more focused on cost-efficiency than quality.

Peter Kjær-Andersen at work

We wanted to marry the Danish design philosophy and the maritime tradition by constructing a sweater that would last longer than any other – without pilling, and without losing shape. It took a year of relentless searching and experimentation. We went from spinning mill to spinning mill, eventually deciding to develop our own yarn using worsted, extra-spun, long-fibre pure new wool. Knitters told us to lower our expectations. But we persevered. The addition of a machine-knitted triangular pattern by the neckline meant we were finally able to create a rounded collar while keeping the symmetrical shape.

At first, the plan was to sell a sweater a day – just enough to sustain life at our home in the Danish countryside where we kept chickens and used wood-fired stoves for heating. But, happily, people liked what we’d made. Today, though we sell more than one sweater a day, the way we make them has stayed the same: with the belief that each Andersen-Andersen sweater is a testament to craft, and that when you put something into the world, you should do it to the best of your ability.

- Cathrine Lundgren-Andersen, co-founder. Copenhagen, 2020.

Cathrine Lundgren-Andersen

Our flagship store

Our space is situated directly across from the new Danish Architecture Centre, nestled in a storefront on the main floor of the Ny Christiansborg building. Adhering to the Danish design principles in both simplicity and functionalism, the Andersen-Andersen flagship store is outfitted with classic pieces from Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl and Verner Panton.

Andersen-Andersen flagship store

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