Natural Fibres


South America has a long and proud tradition of producing ethical merino wool. Our wool is sourced from Patagonia and Uruguay where the sheep live well, and the wool they produce is of high quality. The warm climate allows farmers to use a mulesing-free method of agriculture. Our wool is collected mainly from the fleece, which is the top area of the sheep with a 25-26 micron measurement.


When we made our first sailor sweater in 2009, we weren’t satisfied with the yarn available on the market. At that time, we were told the overall quality was not as it once was (in the old days) and immediately decided to search for the prefect yarn to use in our production. From the beginning, we wanted ONE single, standard yarn for our entire production – the absolute best. It was necessary that the yarn was durable but not too coarse like many vintage sailor sweaters can be, so with help from our knitter we developed a unique long fibre yarn. It is made of 100% pure new merino wool, and extra spun to give it the durability we need for the perfect sailor sweater.