Production Videos

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make an Andersen-Andersen sweater?

Producing quality garments is a tremendous task requiring highly skilled craftspeople. This is why we produce at a family-run mill in Northern Italy. 
First, our specialized signature yarn is threaded onto industrial flatbed knitting machines, the knitting style is selected, and the process begins. 
Every part of every garment is fully fashioned, which means they are knitted in shape. This keeps waste to a minimum and increases the garments’ longevity, as there are no raw edges to unravel. 
Linking is a process in which each garment is knitted together on specially engineered linking machines. To ensure the perfect match, the linker attaches each layer loop by loop on the machine. It’s a painstaking, highly skilled process but it ensures the seams of every garment are both more flexible and durable.  
After linking, bar-tack stitches are added to further strengthen the garment. These are reinforcing stitches on joints where there tends to be more wear. We typically use bar tacks on thumbholes and shoulder seams. 
The inner labels are then attached, and the garment is steamed and inspected. While we have quality control measures throughout production, the final stage involves a close inspection of the garment over a fitted detection lamp. This helps reveal any inconsistencies and ensures that every piece that reaches the market is perfect. Finally, the hang-tags are added, and the garment is packed ahead of its journey out into the world.