Before you wash your garment (wool in particular), please consider airing it instead. Simply hang your sweater on a hanger outside for several hours or inside with good air circulation to neutralize most odours.

Small stains can often be removed using a cloth and some cold water.

If a complete wash is the only solution, please note all garments can be machine washed using a low-agitation wool/delicate program, inside out at 30 degrees celsius. Please do not use warmer water as it can affect the texture and cause shrinkage. Use a suitable mild laundry detergent, and if washing wool, please use a wool-specific soap. We recommend that you gently stretch the garment into shape while
it's wet after the wash. 


After cleansing, please dry your sweater using a clean towel by gently ‘patting’ out excess water. Once access water is removed, dry the sweater laying flat at room temperature.


If you need to remove creases or wrinkles from your sweater, use an iron or steamer at its lowest heat setting, and avoid direct contact with the wool. If using an iron, lay a damp cloth on the sweater first, to avoid direct contact.


If you’d like to pack your sweater away for a season, please store it cleaned, and folded. We suggest packing it away in the original poly bag if you have it to prevent moth infestation or moisture exposure.


Repair service

Our sweaters are knitted to last a lifetime. But some people pack a lot of life into a short time. When accidents happen, you have some options:

1. You can contact or visit our flagship store to initiate a repair or mending (EU customers only).

2. You can purchase one of our repair kits to mend at home:

Repair Kit

Repair Kit with patches