About us

Andersen-Andersen is a family-owned Danish company established in 2009 by Cathrine Lundgren-Andersen og Peter Kjær-Andersen (1964-2018). We design and manufacture a functional, unisex workwear collection. Our focus is high-quality knitwear that references Danish maritime traditions and craftsmanship. Born from the idea to make the world’s best sailor sweaters, our garments are designed in Denmark and made by the best knitters in Italy.

Our sweaters are made to be worn and loved for a lifetime. We use only high-quality, natural fibres in our production in order to utilise their beneficial properties. Wool and cotton have inherent temperature-regulating characteristics that help moderate the body temperature in varied weather conditions.

Symmetry is at the core of our collection. Many of our styles are deliberately made symmetrical, meaning the front and back are identical. In the past, this helped sailors when dressing in the dark on board a ship. Today we continue the tradition and include a new purpose – rotating a sweater often can reduce wear in a single spot, therefore extending its life.