The Navy Series

We always wanted to make our sweaters as compact as possible for maximum durability. After we’d designed the Sailor Turtleneck, we had long discussions with our knitters in Italy who suggested adding more wool to the machine. That led to the Navy Turtleneck, inspired by military clothing from the 30s and 40s. The full cardigan knit with gauge 5 makes it more heavy duty than our Sailor styles but the other details  – the symmetrical shape, our signature thumb-holes and the use of the triangle in the neckline to create a more fitted shape – remain the same. The ability of our Italian knitters to add the triangle at the neckline meant we could also produce a crewneck where the collar was knitted in place, rather than sewn on afterwards. That led to our third style – our iconic Navy Crewneck. 

The Half-zip and the Full-zip followed, both also inspired by maritime and military styles though we added a version of the Full-zip with pockets for practicality.

Our Navy Vest completes the family.

All Navy styles use the full cardigan knit with gauge 5 and are made from our 100% pure new wool from Patagonia and Uruguay.