The Sailor Series

Our first style from 2010, the Sailor Turtleneck, was inspired by a vintage Danish sailor sweater. It is, however, distinguished by several essential details, including a tuck stitch on the rib that reinforces the half-cardigan knit and thumb holes for warmth. We improved the traditional symmetrical shape by embedding a knitted triangle at the neckline. This is a crucial design element because the sweater is precisely the same, both front and back and requires this extra piece to fit the body well. 

The Sailor Crewneck followed and was later joined by our Skipper Jacket and Skipper Vest. The Skipper Jacket is our take on the bomber jacket – a more relaxed style than our Work Jacket with a roomier shape. The pockets are sewn in, and the buttons are made of buffalo horn.

All Sailor styles use the half-cardigan knit in gauge 7 and are made from our signature 100% pure new wool from Patagonia and Uruguay.