In the beginning of 2022 Popeye Magazine reached out with the idea of collaborating on a product for their next pop-up webshop. Popeye Magazine is an iconic magazine based in Tokyo we’ve admired for ages, so we couldn’t have been more excited! After many talks and great ideas, we agreed to develop an exclusive colour together – we’ve called it Popeye Green!

Spinach was one of the first things that came to mind when we thought of Popeye. So, selecting a green colour was an obvious and playful decision. We wanted to reference the spinach that Popeye (the cartoon character) would eat to gain strength, then went a bit further. Thinking about where we can gain strength in our everyday lives – we all agreed it was nature! From delicious vegetables to the foliage of a forest, green is a colour of growth, repair, and resilience.

Popeye Magazine was first published in 1976, making it the first of its kind to publish stories specifically about menswear in Japan. It has since grown to distribute globally, inspiring a generation with editorials about Japanese fashion and lifestyle with the enduring tagline ‘Magazine for City Boys’.

As we prepare for our 15th year anniversary, we look to Popeye’s longevity and evolution for inspiration. It has been a pleasure working with them to develop this colour that means so much to all of us.

Popeye Green - made for city boys and girls, sailors, hunters, and for looking good.