Ceramicist Yuichi Romita

We recently visited ceramicist Yuichi Romita at his workshop in Malmö, Sweden. Originally a graphic designer from London, Yuichi relocated to Japan in 2017, immersing himself in ceramics under the tutelage of a master from a renowned family lineage in the craft, recognized as national treasures. For four years, he dedicated himself to the traditional apprenticeship, spending countless hours preparing clay and maintaining studio cleanliness as a sign of respect to his mentor. Transitioning from the bustling city life of London to the disciplined focus on clay and ceramics was a significant cultural adjustment for him. After four years of intensive training, he departed with a distinctive education steeped in one of Japan's oldest ceramic traditions.

This journey led him to an Artist-in-Residence program at Guldagergaard in Skælskør, Denmark, where he began to develop his own artistic style, melding a technique spanning over 500 years with contemporary forms.

Currently based in Malmö, Sweden, he has established his workshop and continues to explore his creative expression through ceramics.

Yuichi is wearing our Work Jacket in Hunting Green.