It could have been a chair

The sailor sweater was not always destined to be a sailor sweater. It could have been a lamp or a coat stand. It could very easily have been a chair. When we started, our only wish was to make something usable, beautiful and durable – a homage to the Danish design tradition of making functional objects without compromising on craft.

It’s a way of thinking and being that we share with the exceptionally skilled craftspeople at A. Petersen. The philosophies of our two companies are informed by history but inspired by the demands of a sustainable future. Just as our sweaters are knitted to last a lifetime, A. Petersen makes furniture with a conscience. The things we create will only become more beautiful through time and use. Nothing is throwaway here.

Founded in 2014 to honour the Danish design tradition while bringing it into the future, A. Petersen makes furniture slowly. Each piece is crafted in a measured way with an acknowledgement of tradition and a determination to last a lifetime – and beyond.

If you ever find yourself in Copenhagen, be sure to pay their shop and showroom a visit. For now, we’re happy to share a bit of their world with you here.